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Cooking Boiled Eggs In The Sun
We always play tricks on our trackers and game scouts, and are continuously striving to dream up new tricks.

We got some green food coloring.

Boiled 3 eggs, and left one raw.

Painted all of them green with the food colors.

Out in the bush, we stopped for a drink.

I walked around, until I found a suitable bush.

Went back to the truck, and got all 4 eggs.

Now everyone was suspicious - very sad, really, to be distrusted so much! rotflmo

I said to them "I am going to put those eggs under that bush, and wen we come tomorrow, they will all be cooked"

Someone laughed and said "Ha! they are cooked now!"

I gave him the uncooked one, and said "Here, eat it!"

He cracked the egg, and it all poured our in liquid form.

Laughter all around, and all sort of talking in Swahili which I could not understand.

I put all three eggs under a bush, covered them with some grass, and we all left.

We did not go by that route for a couple of days.

When we did, we got the eggs.

I have also prepared one of my ammo.

I specifically take one round not loaded with powder.

I just seat the bullet by hand on an empty case.

I have black rock salt, which looks remarkably like black powder.

I put that salt in that round, and keep it in the ammo box in truck.

When required, as in this case, I take that round and put in in my ammo belt.

I cracked the first egg, boiled to perfection.

I cut it in pieces, remove the bullet, and sprinkle black gun powder on it and eat it.

Our trackers are aware of my gun powder, as they know I make it all myself.

I told them on previous occasions that gun powder is made of salt peter.

And they explain all this to our new game scout.

Sometimes I fill up that round with salt again, and go see them as they cook their lunch.

You should see the looks of any new person when I remove the bullet, and pour all the gun powder into their meat as it is being cooked!

Some of them laugh so much they fall down!!
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You wonder why your distrusted.

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Saeed, you are positively devious!


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I went to see Tim Conway at the Paramount before his passing + he told the story of him + his wife visiting friends + when he asked to use the restroom, + came back out he had put vaseline on his face + applied many Q-tips stuck to his face + said deadpan, "Your medicine cabinet exploded". His wife's expression was as I can assume that yours was, "I can dress him up but I can't take him anywhere" Big Grin

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