WTB MEC 10-gauge 2 7/8" reloading press
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As the title says, do any of you gents have a MEC reloading press for 10-gauge with the 2 7/8" short kit? A 600 Jr, or a Sizemaster or a Steelmaster? I have a couple of old doubles in 10 gauge, both double rifle and double shotgun, with 2 7/8" chambers. I would like to see if a used one is out there on AR before I look into a new one.
I have several boxes of both plastic and paper 2 7/8 cases, some cut down plastic cases from the 3 1/2, many brass cases, both from RMC and original vintage brass, and several boxes of the Win. and Rem heavy 2 7/8 loaded (these are too heavy for my shotgun). Still looking for a used press.


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Hi Cal,
I don't have one now, but the standard 10 Ga MEC 600Jr that I had in the past was set up by the factory to convert between 3-1/2" and 2-7/8", just like the other gauges are set up to work with either 2-3/4" or 3". The main vertical bar has two threaded holes in it that work in concert with the two holes in the base to make the switch. I loaded lots of 2-7/8" 10, and only needed a "short kit" when I was loading for a rather odd Scott-built 10 with shorter 2-5/8" chambers.
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I use a MEC Sizemaster set up for 3.5" shells. I made a spacer block out of some hard plastic, 5/8 thick, that covers the last 3 stations, works like a charm. I have been using cut off Remington 3.5" cases.
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Yes, on the bottom of the MEC, there is a bolt through the main post above the base. This allows adjustment between 3 1/2 and 2 7/8 length shells. As far as a used one goes, I paid the princly sum of $77.00 for mine new from Midway. Granted, it was many years ago. But point being, I don't think a new one would break the bank. Especially with the cost of buying 10 ga. Ammo in the equation.
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