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Will anybody in UK help me?

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03 June 2019, 22:05
Will anybody in UK help me?
Hi there,

I just found that many components for shotshell reloading are not available here in Czech Republic, but are pretty available in UK.

I tried to order from Clay & Game but they told me they can't sell reloading components out of UK including wads etc.

Will anybody help me?

Thank you,
04 June 2019, 20:18
If dealers cannot ship out of the country, may be it is not allowed??
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05 June 2019, 00:00

UK is still in EU. I understand regulations for powder, primers etc.

But I just need simple plastic wads. I believe that e-shops can't send powder and primers internationally and just 500 wads are not business for them. I believe it is just that simple.

I can order wads and primed hulls for example from Italy without any problems, but in Italy, they don't have wads for tungsten shot I want to buy. So I will order to my friend in USA and after I visit him I will take wads with me. I will not fly to UK just to buy wads.


P.S. So I want to ask anyone to buy for me 500 wads and 500 gas seals in UK and resend it to me. No primers, no powder, no hulls, no shot. Just plastic wads and plastic gas seals.
05 June 2019, 08:33
Lefteris Vassiliadis
Why not directly from Ballistic Products?
05 June 2019, 12:55
Originally posted by Lefteris Vassiliadis:
Why not directly from Ballistic Products?

Out of stock.
07 June 2019, 03:35
I am in France until 15 June. PM me your email. I'll see if I can help.
11 June 2019, 00:09

Thank you very much.

15 June 2019, 21:58
I am now back in the UK. Saturday 15 June. If you wish I'll contact the company that sells these wads and get their prices.