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12 ga. 31/2" loads for coyotes

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27 December 2020, 17:56
Big Horns
12 ga. 31/2" loads for coyotes
I would like to start loading these shells. I will be using copper plated #4 buck. What hulls, wads, and powder should I be using?
27 December 2020, 20:48
Grab a copy of Lyman's shotshell reloading manual and take your pick from the 3.5" loads. What press are you using for 3.5's?

If you haven't ventured into shotshell reloading, be mindful that substituting any components (be it wad, hull, primer) can SIGNIFICANTLY alter pressures to a dangerous level. I don't vary from published recipes with measured pressures at all in my shotshell reloading.
27 December 2020, 20:53
Alec Torres
Would be interesting to try #5 or 6 Tungsten loads. That would seriously rock a coyote.
28 December 2020, 04:47
Big Horns
The longest shot that I have made and kept them down is 77 yards. I don't think that the lighter shot will do that. I have about 10 lbs. of no. 4 buck that I would like to use up. What is the best hulls to use and also I forgot what primers?
28 December 2020, 21:54
I’m not sure what kind of weather and use you are talking.

If it’s dedicated predator hunting in cold (sub freezing) areas, I’d avoid blue dot or steel powders. Those also tend to be the ones that give best velocity with heavier payload. Then you need to go to a single base powder for avoiding blooper shots.

If it’s a truck gun, or you are in an area where you won’t be out sub35*, blue dot with a federal 209 or CCI 209M will give best velocities and reliability.

The federal 12 ga 3.5” hull has the most room.

My problem with buckshot (and why I gave up on it) was it seems each gun likes a certain load and any deviation screws up patterning. If you are trying to make 60+ yard shots, you need to load up 5 of whatever and pattern it in your gun and see if you like it well enough to use it. I think you will need to find a buffered load if you are working at that distance to get a decent pattern.

From memory, I had a load with 12 ga 3.5”, #4 buck, a large amount of blue dot, and and the old BP MM 1235 wad that they don’t make anymore that worked well... but it was running the ragged edge of overpressure when I had it tested. (As in of the 5 rounds, 4 were ok, but one was 16kpsi). I decided for what predator use I needed I would use BB lead (dad’s old leftover goose loads in 10 Ga) or a rifle.
30 December 2020, 17:48
Big Horns
The weather varies from around freezing to sub zero. I have used Hevi-Shot T's, 4 buck, Winchester 00 Buck and No4 Buck. I talked to Ballistic Products and they recommended Ranger Plus wads, 209 Cheddite Primers, Cheddite cases,and Blue Dot Steel powder. Does this sound right? I have 209 Winchester primers and they said that they would work. I have a bunch of Hevi Shot cases and also some Rems. and Winchester. I quess you have to go by what case you use for loads. Thanks.
31 December 2020, 02:31
Most likely the EML cases you have will be pretty much the same as Cheddite cases- I think that the hevishot cases I sectioned were dimensional to cheddite. I’ve used Cheddite or rio data with them. The Remington and Winchester are not the same. Those require specific data for those hulls.

For that cold, cheddite primers and blue dot... probably suboptimal.

Blue dot and steel are (yet are not) different powders.

The original steel powder was a noncannister version of blue dot that was substantially slower. They both don’t like cold that much. Alliant made it into a cannister powder for steel shot loading- but it does not meter worth crap. You have to weigh individual charges with it. Blue dot is a traditional magnum shot shell powder that has been around for years. I use 3-4 pounds of it a year, but if I know I’m hunting below freezing I use a different load using SR4756, but that’s no longer sold- speaking towards duck hunting shells - due to having misfires with the cold.

BP has a bit of a reputation of not really testing its loads as well as they could- they don’t go together quite as well as they should sometimes, and some folks claim they are a bit on the hot side as well. I’ve gotten good results with some of their loads, but some don’t fit together well and crimp poorly.

The ranger plus wad is not the same as the multi metal one I used.

I would try the load on the patterning board and see- only way you will find out if it works for you.
31 December 2020, 10:31
p dog shooter
I carry a rifle and shotgun when running yotes with hounds.

No.4 or OO buck for the shotgun.

Bird shot even 2s or BBs are not big enough to work well for the longer shots. They better be close under 20 preferably.

I would like to try some Hevi shot dead coyote loads.

Put I have lots of lead buck laying around no need to spend that kind of money to shoot a yote.