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Old 20ga hulls

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23 April 2021, 18:48
Jim Kobe
Old 20ga hulls
I have a bunch of the old AA hulls that I would like to reload, I have the WAA20 wads, What powder and charge do y'all use?

Jim Kobe
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23 April 2021, 20:53
Here's some data using Alliant powders. I use Unique for my 7/8 oz. loads and Blue Dot for 1 oz. loads.

Tom Z

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24 April 2021, 03:21
p dog shooter
I used red dot in mine.

Burnt many kegs of it.
24 April 2021, 07:32
green dot and Int'l clays here.
25 April 2021, 11:17
Since I had so much of it, I used 800X and 4756.

Down to 8# of the 4756, and I think I have about 1/2# of 800X. Green dot works pretty well.

20/28 really is nice if you can find it.

Back when I had CF AA 20 ga hulls in number, I recall using 473AA (If memory serves right) mostly, before that went away. as a ball powder it seemed to be the most consistent in its drops- but back then, if it broke a clay, I was happy, and dad was not willing to buy shells- but had no issues with buying reloading components...

Most slower shotgun powders will work for "close enough" purposes- if you have SG (209) primers and shot- in this day of scarcity...

I didn't use Red dot in 20 ga after a friend blew a few hulls using it. Its a little fast for 20 Ga.
25 April 2021, 15:42
p dog shooter
I didn't use Red dot in 20 ga after a friend blew a few hulls using it. Its a little fast for 20 Ga

After loading 10's of thousands of 20ga 7/8oz loads with red dot.

Without a problem.

What was your friend doing wrong
26 April 2021, 01:49
GreenDot w/ 3/4oz loads in Rem and Win hulls.
Loads right off of the Alliant site.

Recently (last yr!) started using up some RedDot in 20ga loads too. I found some loading data in a LEE manual. Don't recall the data or the Manual #/yr.
Worked fine. LEE data is usually on the conservative side.

I load and shoot 20's in breakopen guns. Though I was surprised that the GreenDot loads above functioned perfectly in a like new Remington Sportsman 48 as well.
28 April 2021, 04:00
Unique with 7/8 oz
International clays with 3/4 oz loads.
Worked like a champ (unique) for several decades.
I've only started using international clay and 3/4 oz loads 6-7 years ago.

02 May 2022, 04:55
Jerry Eden
16 grains of Unique 7/8 oz lead shot. Been the load in the 20 gauge forever.


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