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Amateur trap loads ?

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10 July 2009, 08:10
Amateur trap loads ?
Seems like the most common trap loads at the local range are one-ounce of #8 shot or 1 1/8 ounce of either #8 or #7 1/2 shot. All at either 1145 or 1235 fps velocity.

Which of these is best for local amateurs who shoot an average of fifty rounds on Sunday afternoons from the 16 yard line ?

10 July 2009, 08:54
From the 16 yard line, an ounce of #8 should be plenty - - I'm assuming 12 Ga. My guns seem to put just about as many #8's in a 30" circle from a 1 ounce load as they do with a 1 1/8 ounce load, maybe with a slightly more even pattern for the 1 ounce load (I have no clue as to why the extra 1/8 ounce does not seem to add much).
I really can't tell much difference betwen 1 & 1 1/8 in either looking at the patterns or breaking targets, so I opt to save the shot, lower the recoil, & use 1 ounce for just about everything. Lots of knowledgeable folks are going down to 7/8 oz & still breaking just as many clays.
I don't think that the difference between 1150 & 1235 FPS will be very significant either. I try to load most of my trap & sporting clays loads to around 1200 FPs, but that's just me.
10 July 2009, 16:26
Which of these is best for local amateurs who shoot an average of fifty rounds on Sunday afternoons from the 16 yard line ?


Lower shot weights and lower velocity (to a point) keep recoil down and this means less flinch and this means better scores. You give up very little and gain a lot.

1 Oz at 1100-1150 is a fine target load.
12 July 2009, 05:37
I shoot 1 oz. of 8 1/2's, you get about the same pellet count as 1 1/8oz 8's. From the 16 8 1/2's work great. I load for about 1180fps.
13 July 2009, 10:02
When I competed in trap, my 16 yd and first shot in doubles load was 1 oz of 8 or 8 1/2 shot. My handicap and second shot in doubles load was 1 1/8 oz of the same shot. It worked good enough to get my 27 yd punch.

Now I shoot mainly skeet where my standard 12 ga load is 7/8 oz of 8 1/2 shot. I still go down to the trap field every week and shoot a line or two at the 16 yd line. My 7/8 oz load will easily break 25 if I do my part.

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16 July 2009, 21:03
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I've been loading 17.4g of Clay Dot (or Clays), Down Range Jammer XL-1 Wad (or any Win AA SL clone) & 1 oz of hard #8 or #7.5 shot, Fio 616 primer in either a Rem or AAHS hull. It's my go too load and it will break any trap target well out to the 24 - 25 yrd line as long as I do my part; it's Great on sporting clay too. I agree that 7/8 oz of #8.5 or #9 makes a grand skeet load, just sub in a Clear Duster or CB 0178 grey wad and 7/8 oz of shot to the above load and you're good to go.

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24 July 2009, 02:18
I agree with those who recommend 1 ounce of #8 shot, loaded to a velocity of about 1125 to 1145 f.p.s.

Heavier loads than that will not break more targets; they will only tire you out more and punish you more, and that tends to lower your scores.

All of the powder suppliers -- Hodgdon, Alliant, et al. -- now furnish loading data for loads that meet those specifications.

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26 July 2009, 23:50
I never liked the 1 oz loads, neither the lower velocity 1 1/8s.

I have always used #8 1 1/8 for 16 yards and doubles, and 7 1/2 for 27 yard handicap.

I never got bothered by recoil from shotguns at all.
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