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Tungsten Super Shot-Who's Loading 410, 28, 16 and or 10ga?

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07 November 2018, 18:07
Tungsten Super Shot-Who's Loading 410, 28, 16 and or 10ga?
I have 5 pounds of #7 18gm/cc. hopefully I'll find more soon enough. Looking for load data for 410, 28,and 16ga?

I'm guessing
1/2oz-410 bore

As for 10ga loads, I'm still on the fence. With this super dense stuff I understand the need for much smaller than normal shot size to maintain pattern density. However, To make good use of the extra capacity a 3-1/2" 10ga has to offer I would entertain a 2 ounce load of #2 or #4 birdshot.

I have only ever loaded 12ga lead shot. I got a great deal on a Ponsness Warren 800 C about 20 years ago and loaded a ton of 1-1/8 lead at about 1200fps. It was fast, fun, and worked well on doves and pigeons. I want to load for my other shotguns I do not have a 12ga approved for steel.

Thank you for your patience with a newbie.

Andy B

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08 November 2018, 09:33
I don’t load .410 or 28 with tungsten. Mainly because I use 12 and 10 for all my nontox shooting.

If I were you, I would play around with steel shot reloading before you tackle tungsten reloading- all the issues that steel has are magnified with tungsten shot. It’s harder, and it’s also more dense, so more setback issues, and it WILL scrub through your wads.

While the thought of getting a smallbore out in the swamp has its appeal, the gun WILL get damaged by a consistent diet of tungsten/iron alloy pellets. I haven’t used TSS yet, but have done hevishot, lead, steel, and bismuth.

Lead and bismuth are the safest for fine guns. Lead and Tungsten are the best performers on game.

Fine tungsten should be quite effective on birds...but it will slip through your wad and gouge your barrels (hevi #6 did a number on some of mine, and I have loaded a lot of steel before I tried it)

Unless you are horribly recoil intolerant, I would stick with the 12 and to lesser extent, 10 and 20 for steel and tungsten pellets- the guns are cheaper, and the protective wads are better designed and more user tested at this point. A 1/2 oz of TSS with some steel to fill out the shot column in a 12 bore will pattern better than a .410 and be cheaper to boot.

The 2 oz TSS 10 ga load is probably a turkey thumper, but would be hideously expensive and would blow the bejezus out of any duck or goose you shot, unless you were taking 80 yard shots (not hunting IMO) leaving you with nothing worth eating.
09 November 2018, 20:51
I've been loading 12gr Hevishot since about 2002 in 10, 12 and 20ga, and am very happy with the performance.

The Hevishot performance is why I do not currently have anything but 20ga.'s.

I insert a Tyvek sleeve in the wad in order to help prevent barrel scrub by the tungsten, and, so far so good, no damage yet.

The Tyvek used is from a notebook page divider, cut to the interior height of the wad and, hopefully, prevents the shot from slipping through the wad slits.

I also use Cylinder choke in the right barrel, with IC as tight as I go with tungsten, and I use #6 shot.

Great stuff!
11 December 2018, 03:17
TSS and 20ga is super popular among turkey hunters here in AL now. Guys are using very light compact youth guns and red dots and flattening turkeys at distances most people wouldn't shoot a 3.5" 12ga at.

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17 January 2019, 17:22
Look at oldgobbler forum, lots of turkey hunters using it