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410 loads

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29 January 2006, 02:14
410 loads
I'm looking for some 3/4oz loads in 410 using remmington 3" express shells. Any help would be a big help thanks in advance......lost
30 January 2006, 06:22
The following was taken from the Hodgdon powder site.

Shot amt. ------Powder------Primer----Wad----charge / velocity

11/16 oz. LIL'GUN Rem. 209P Rem. SP410 12.8 gr / 12,900 PSI
11/16 oz. LIL'GUN Win. 209 WAA41 12.7 gr / 13,500 PSI
11/16 oz. H110 Rem. 209P Rem. SP410 15.0 gr / 11,800 PSI
11/16 oz. H110 Win. 209 WAA41 14.5 gr / 12,800 PSI

Chic Worthing
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03 February 2006, 03:55
use this info with caution as it's not in the book!!!

I loaded Remington 3" cases with 3/4 Oz of shot and the recipe called for 11/16 Oz This is about 60 grains extra pellets and it amounts to about 15 BBs

It worked well in my (very strong) Over/Under. I have no clue what the pressure was but it didn't show anything to be concerned about. IIRC I used H-110 powder. Again this is not in the books.

I remember years back that the 3" 410 used 3/4 Oz of shot in factory loads.

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