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Ernie Banks Has Died

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24 January 2015, 17:33
Ernie Banks Has Died
A class act. I only met him once, but I liked his style. He seemed like a genuinely good man.
31 January 2015, 20:54
I met him a couple of times as a kid. We once traveled to San Francisco and the Cubs happened to be in town. We went to a game. We got there early and Ernie was signing autographs for the few Cub fans. An Andy Fran came by and tried to get us fan to go to our seats since we didn't have box seats. He pointed across the field to the Giants signing autographs and told him he would stop when they did.

He was a class guy.

17 February 2015, 18:19
A sad turn of events.
03 March 2015, 09:18
Idaho Sharpshooter
And now, Minnie Minoso...
05 March 2015, 04:52
Too many great outfielders in that era for Minoso to receive his due (the Hall of Fame) but he was a good one.
08 March 2015, 18:30
The Cubs did the right thing.
09 March 2015, 05:27
Michael Robinson
Ernie Banks was a great ball player, and a great human being. His heart was bigger than Wrigley Field. RIP, Mr. Cub.


Edited on advice of counsel.
20 March 2015, 09:58
Idaho Sharpshooter
I grew up about six miles from the Cardinals ball park. The only team that could compare to the Cubs for a sold out game were the Dodgers.

Listening to WGN made for a great day in the spring fishing on the Mississippi.

Yes, Ernie Banks was Mr Cub to three generations in the midwest.

RIP, where the Cubs go to the World Series every fall, and win in seven...