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How I defeated "moly"

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08 March 2013, 01:34
ray in Wenatchee
How I defeated "moly"
Have had these moly coated bullets for awhile & wanted to remove coating, I tried 5 month soak in Kroil (nothing), tumbling in media (moly hardened), then soak a few minutes in "Dad's EZ Spray Paint & Varnish Remover" (water rinse), rinsed again in hot tap water, spread out on paper towels to dry in oven at low heat and now ready to use, r in w.
08 March 2013, 04:46
Bear Cat
Yep , good idea Ray , I just may have to try
that myself .

DRSS Chapuis 9.3 x 74 R
RSM. 416 Rigby
RSM 375 H&H
21 April 2016, 05:08
Thank you I soaked some I ended up with in Mineral spirits and tumbled in treated walnut and got some off, but in to the paint remover they will go to finally get them clean.

Thanx again.

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