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Ballistic Calculator for Android

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03 April 2019, 21:22
Ballistic Calculator for Android
Looking for your input.
I have an app called strelock.
Thanks in advance.

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11 April 2019, 06:37
I have had it for a # of years and use it for reference. I have not tested it properly.

That isn't much help but at least you know you aren't the only one who knows about it!

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20 April 2019, 05:55
Magnum Hunter1
I have strelok as well. Several of my friends use it too, along with some that shoot really long range regularly. I don't. It is interesting that I has quite the selection of reticles. I like that you can put in any zero range. No secret here.
27 April 2019, 04:55
Andriod phone ap : Nikon Spot On is a good site to have as it has most of the scopes and calibers of today. I use it because of a couple on Nikon scopes on my rifles. Try it you might like it.

30 April 2019, 08:57
Get the pro version of streyloc , playing with ab elite a little also. I verified 100 zero ranged target with sig kilo 3000 plugged in 1124 yards into streyloc shooting a 280Ai 180 gr eldx at 3060 FPS 3 shots in a inch and a half. Done deal