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Scope and reticle advice

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07 May 2020, 00:22
Scope and reticle advice
A friend had that exact scope and reticle on a Baer .264 AR. He had it in heavy Baer mounts on his rifle. Definitely not a QD option.

He loved it. His gig was shooting clay pigeons as reactive targets.

I shot it a few times. I'm not a great shot, but it was fun to be able to shoot a clay pigeon 6 times and break off chunks of it at 550 yards in a called fashion.

My heavy long range plinking gun is a .308, and I have the bigger NSX on it with the mildot reticle. Its a lot busier and not as good target shooting option for ammo testing (its more for PRS type stuff for me- but was designed around sniping.)

The pros are that its a very uncluttered reticle. The scope is repeatable. Good glass quality.

very heavy scope.
difficult to acquire targets at range due to small FOV.

In your case, the scope might outweigh the barrel.

I am not sure how well a QD mount will hold up with that heavy a scope for fine adjustment. QD means that there is movement by design.

In your case, I'd say that you will probably be very happy with the scope- but that your ideas as to what is really accurate might change.
15 June 2020, 23:55
Originally posted by Beretta682E:
I am leaning towards getting a nightforce br 12-42x scope


I am leaning towards this reticle


Has anyone used this scope or reticle.

I want to use it as a target scope on a blaser saddle mount and move it between r8 and k95 barrels.

Right now I am using a Zeiss conquest 3-10 that came with a blaser package. It’s a good scope and adjusted a ton to shoot new barrels as I acquire the final scope for barrel.

I am going to be shooting at 100/200/300 meters. The scope will be adjusted a lot cause i keep trying new factory ammo.

Thanks for any info/advice/thoughts.


Yes Sir,
I have owned/shot a couple of the 12-42.
They were actually designed for Benchrest .

While there are Benchrest matches at longer distances (500, 1000)
The vast majority are 100, 200 300.

The amount of mirage at the longer ranges (500+) will very likely limit the effective use of the higher power this scope provides/.