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My first long range attempt

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03 March 2019, 07:09
My first long range attempt
Originally posted by AnotherAZWriter:
Originally posted by Beretta682E:
Originally posted by Blair 338RUM:

Just start moving that target out.

300 yards is close range Big Grin

It’s florida - a 300 yard range is a rarity. It’s flat with no natural backstops and green. It gets wet 1/2 the year. Not a idea place for long range shooting.


Exactly why I could never live there - I love long range shooting too much.


No one gets it till they actually try and do it.

I can only shoot 300 yards in winter.

In the summer with afternoon rains I am always afraid my truck (4 wheel drive f-150) May get stuck on the range. This is a well maintained range but driving big heavy pickups back and forth is kind of frowned on.


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