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need help-scope for long range .22LR work

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29 April 2020, 01:30
S. Texan
need help-scope for long range .22LR work
I have an accurate .22 LR rifle and would like to mount a scope that allows me to shoot out to 300 yards. Ideally I'd like to use a scope like I use on my deer/elk rifles. I use the Swarovski Z5 scopes and see that Swaro website quotes 90 inches of elevation adjustment in the Z5 2.4-12x50. I thought it might be a typo since that seems to be the most in any of their scopes. I called Swaro Customer Service who confirmed the website number. My question is, if I add a 20 MOA rail, does this give me enough elevation adjustment for .22LR at 300 yards? I've looked at different online ballistic calculators but I'm not sure I am doing this right (for some reason the Swaro ballistic program does not even allow you to choose the Z5 2.4-12x50 scope for this exercise). Thoughts? I appreciate the education.
30 April 2020, 22:44
JBM indicates that Lapua Midas, at 1075 fps, 59 degrees F, 50% humidity, sea level, scope 1.5" above bore, 50 yd zero, requires 48.8 MOA correction from zero at 300 yds. With a 20 MOA rail, you should have no problem getting to 300 yd with the scope you mentioned. At higher temps, higher elevation, higher humidity, elevation would be slightly less, at lower values slightly higher.