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Scope runs out of adjustment
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Originally posted by Ray B:
Is this normal or is it possible the scope has a problem?

It could be either. It sounds like a big slow bullet with a lot of drop, so what kind of drop does a ballistics calculator say it should have? How much adjustment is the scope supposed to have? Which number is bigger?

I think the whole point of giant tubes on scopes is more internal adjustment range. If you don't think you're getting the advertised range, then maybe the scope is bad.

To fix things without replacing the scope you need to build more angle into the mount. You can replace the mount, or you could modify the existing one. To modify it, you could shim the rear and/or sand/mill/grind down the front. Lap the re-positioned rings, reinstall the scope, and you should be ready to go...
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Im not a long range shooter, but Ive built a lot of custom rifles and I always make sure that when one of my rifles is finished the scope is in the center of its focal plane so as to have the 100 yard sight it is in the center of the focal plane..To accomplish this I always have to be sure of two things,first the barrel must be installed straight in the action, many are not! and most of all I have the action surface ground and bases fitted so all is square to the world as the late Tony Barnes always said Big Grin...

I do not know if this practice would apply to the long range shooting world, but it sure wouldn't hurt on any rifle, and it definatly makes return to zero perfect with and set of QD rings and bases..

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Update on the scope. The standard elevation dial was returned to the scope. Both Elevation and Windage dials were turned to their limits and returned to each's midpoint. The rifle was placed in a cradle and reticle position compared to bore. The windage only needed a couple clicks to center it but the elevation needed one and a half turns to center it. there was only 3/4th of a turn left to adjust for elevation. the scope is a 34mm tube and the only one I have of that diameter, so checking the rifle/mounts required removal of the mounts. Different bases/rings and scope were installed. the base is a front dovetail, rear windage screw, so the windage wasn't "checkable" but the elevation adjustment on the scope to align with bore was very near the mid-point of the dial's limits; so appears the problem wasn't with the rifle. checking the mounts, there were no obvious defects or aspects that would cause the scope to be other than parallel with the bore, so it appears the mounts are not the problem. this left the scope.

I had ordered the scope directly from Leupold and when I received it, while the box and scope showed no signs of damage, the front scope cap, on the scope was broken into a couple pieces. It wasn't clear if the scope had been hit or what had caused the breakage. But since all other aspects of the problem have been resolved, the scope is being shipped back to Leupold for a check-up and possible repair. If it turns out that the scope is at it's limits for elevation adjustment I will be ordering a different base/ring set-up that will include a 20 MOA tilt, which should solve the problem. so in either case it looks like it will be "all's well that ends well".
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Ray, please let us know how this turns out.

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I had a similar problem with a Win. 70 in 375 H.&H. Ran out of elevation. Shimmed and shimmed and still couldn’t get it to reach out. Shot well close range and rifle was in like new condition. Finely found out it was a bad barrel. Had it rebarreled and not shoots like a dream with plenty of scope adjustment.


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Got a response from Leupold today; repairs expected to take 36 working days. that puts it to Dec 12 (one day added for Thanksgiving). the message didn't say if/what the problem is, so I'm guessing that it hasn't been taken apart yet. so I may or may not need to get a tilted base/rings- wait and see.
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