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3 mile shot

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21 January 2022, 15:26
Wendell Reich
3 mile shot
With the right holdover, I can hit the earth at any yardage with only 3 rounds (in case a cow or house gets in the way of the first two).

But good for her for ringing the 3 mile gong.
22 January 2022, 09:24
Yeah, those cows, old folks homes, + orphanages can be a problem Wink

Never mistake motion for action.
23 January 2022, 13:31
slim buttes
If you are going to shoot at me, please be at least 3 miles away.

Rule # 14 in gun safety, I think.

Mike_D can you double check this?
28 January 2022, 10:26
Kinda along the same line, I really appreciate Hollywood promoting the black 'gangsta' cool way of holding their pistol on its side. Now I can rest assured that any mugger will never hit me. Big Grin

Never mistake motion for action.
08 April 2022, 04:41
I do three mile shots all the time!!! I never hit anything but I do the 3 mile shots! Big Grin Roll Eyes archerAnd that is only because my one shot groups with my .300WM are always in the 3's as the benchresters say!