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Best loads for .30 cal
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Hey all, I am currently trying to work up a long range load for my 300 WSM. I am using 208 Gr hornady A-max bullets, and have tried 7828 and H4350 powders and am testing my grouping at 50 yards. Supposedly the 300 WSM has the same ballistics as the 300 win mag which I’ve heard is very accurate, but I can’t seem to get my groups at 50 yards any tighter than half an inch. I have played around with seating dearth’s and different powder weights and I think my problem is that I’m just using too fast of a powder. Does anyone have any good long distance loads for this or similar cartridges?
Thanks, Luke.

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Not sure of CZ, but a lot of European barrels have twist rates of 1 in 11. 208 A Max may not like that.

I had a 1 in 11 Tikka T3 Varmint in 30-06, and the only heavy bullet it would shoot was the Lapua 190 Scenar.

Also had good luck with the Nosler Accubond in 165 or 168 Grain. Was great for F-Class under 700 yards.

See if you can find H-1000.

I just found 2 cans at Cabelas. I am not sure if they just happened to have it, or if it was something they just got in. He told me they had 10 cans of it originally two weeks ago.

So it is being shipped again.
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