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Poor acuuracy - What's wrong?

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13 June 2019, 18:16
Poor acuuracy - What's wrong?
The end of the story...
I never tried the Hornanday 150-gr ELD-x bullets but did find that Berger makes a 140-gr VLD bullet. Having used Berger 105-gr VLD bullets in my 6MM-06 on a lot deer figured their 140-gr 7MM bullet would also be very fragile. Anyway, with them I got a group of nearly 6 inches at 207 yards while my old load with the Nosler 140-gr Ballistic Tips (that don't expand well at long range) gave a 3-shot group of 0.60 inches. Anyway, I just ordered a Custom Dial for the Leupold 3-15X scope for that load and will go back to using it even though it doesn't expand as much as I would like.