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CFexpress cards
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Nikon has released the firmware which allows the use of CFexpress cards in the D5, D500 ad D850, when they had XQD card slots. XQD and CFexpress type B cards have the same form factor, but CFexpress is faster, especially on upload to a computer. The Nikon Z cameras already have CFepxress capability. After doing the firmware update on my D850 I bought a CFexpress card and card reader capable of going through the Thunderbolt 3 port on my 64 GB RAM iMac. The upload speed is phenomenal. I have no way of measuring this performance but I will say that the upload of a couple hundred NEF images from a D850, which is a 44 MP camera, seems almost instantaneous. There doesn't seem to be any noticeable read or write speed improvement to the card in-camera, but the Z cameras are said to benefit from speed increases internally. While this may not be too important to image photographers, I can see the immediate benefit to those who use these cameras for video.

There are used D500, D850 and D5 cameras on the market that are relatively inexpensive; the cameras are a few years old now. I think the users of the D850 are those who gain the most, since the NEF files are quite large and sometimes upload times lag with an XQD card through a slow card reader to a computer without a fast port.

What good is a post in the photography section without a photo?

The family was able to travel to California in November and this truck looked almost like a toy when viewed from the Manhattan Beach pier.

Also caught some surfers from the same pier.


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All new cameras can use CFexpress cards, especially if you are into high-frame 8K video recording. Since I am not into video, I have no need for these cards on my older canon Cameras. I could use both older CF and CFexpress cards on my Canon R6 depending on photo versus video, but I decided to buy use CFexpress cards because I got a fairly good discount on Black Friday.

By the way, Wink, Just like the Canon R5 and R6, the Nikon counterparts in the "Z-series version II), are quite nice cameras. The focusing systems of these new cameras is nothing but amazing, but they use a lot of battery power because of the very bright screens. One has the choice to use the viewfinder or the screen to take the photo. The viewfinder is electronic, but looking through it is very difficult to tell the difference between the viewfinder on a DSLR camera and the electronic one. I got used to the one on my R6 in a short period of time.

An optional battery grip would be nice since it holds a second battery, but are usually too expensive. I just bought a couple of high capacity "knockoff" batteries at Amazon for my Canon R6, and these saved me a lot of money. I just keep an extra battery (or two) warm in my pocket when taking photos of the local sled dog races in Alaska.
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