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I recently purchased a Duke trap and the first night I had a coon in it, but it escaped through the door where you add the bait. You would not think a coon could get through the door and it has no latch. I put a clamp on it that was made of nylon and another coon escaped by chewing it off. Then I put a metal clamp like those on a leash and problem solved. Other than that flaw I give the Duke highest rating and really like the ease of operating them. There is a You Tube on operating a Duke trap. Turn it upside down and it opens if you are releasing the animal. If noosing the animal the door opens out making it easier. Bottom line I'd buy another.
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Used a cage trap like the Duke to put close to 80 Coon's in our Witness Relocation Program in a 9 week period last summer.They like to get in the cattle barns, bird feeders and garden. So far last week I got 7 here at the house, need to head down to the farm next week.
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I use a Tomahawk trap. Made in the USA and very well built. Expensive but worth the money.
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In town a PCP airgun. Out of town a suppressed 22 LR. Shoot to stop them. They will be back with their kids. I use a Havahart live trap. I catch more possums than coons in town. Be Well, Packy
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I use DP traps for coons. Have caught and killed three boars quite recently. I trap coon and possum year round since I have poultry. There is no free chicken dinners here. I run a zero tolerance program.

I'd recommend buying American made trapping kits. They cost more than Duke (made in Korea) but you're supporting your own economy by doing so.


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Williams cage traps of Roanoke, IN are the best IMO. I've got some that've been in continuous use for 30+ years and have caught 1000's of coon with no malfunctions. You do need to stake them down as they have a gravity lock door that is designed for easy release by simply rolling the trap over. I use 18" long 3/8" rebar with a 5" T handle welded on.

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