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06 December 2019, 09:22
Help!!! Folks I'm setting here at my keyboard naked. Really!! I thought this would be the year. I replaced my whole wardrobe. I spent all my money. I did go overboard, but thought I'd really be in style. I bought Dallas Cowboys shoes, complete with Cowboys laces. Socks, well they are Cowboys. You guessed it, my pants and underwear , same same. My shirt and tee shirt, them too. To look spiffy, I bought a tie and cuff links and tie clasp, all Dallas Cowboys. My hat and cap--Cowboys. For cold days my jacket and scarf and my gloves, well them all also. Even got some Dallas Cowboys eyeglasses. My coffee cup--it too. Bumper stickers on my pickup and a Dallas Cowboys key chain. Oh and my belt--Cowboys also. I might have left some stuff out, but you get the picture. Now I can't go anywhere unless I go naked. maybe other Cowboys fans will be out there naked too?? Like the Saints years ago with sacks over their head (the Aint's). If you have any spare money even if it's just change it would be appreciated. I would like to be able to go out in public.
06 December 2019, 12:27
Sorry, I only offer help to naked, young, good looking, women!

Obviously you do not qualify! clap
Instagram : ganyana2000
06 December 2019, 17:54
I may have some old Jacksonville Jaguars clothes I could sell you!

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06 December 2019, 19:46
I'm touched, such compassion.
06 December 2019, 23:31
Todd Williams
After all the anticipation for this season after accumulating and assembling players of outstanding quality


They SUCK once again.

Fire Garrett already!
07 December 2019, 00:24
Could be worse, you could be living in Cincinnati AND trying to love the Bengals... Roll Eyes


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November 3rd, National Neuter A Liberal Day.
07 December 2019, 20:15
Hey carpetman, us Ar members have to stick together.

Opus, when I lived in Cleveland, the Bengals and Steelers games were always fun to watch.

Be without fear in the face of your enemies. Be brave and upright, that God may love thee. Speak the truth always, even if it leads to your death. Safeguard the helpless and do no wrong;
07 December 2019, 20:24
All sports matches should be winner takes all the money from the match.

Losers go home empty handed.

Then you will see real competition. clap
Instagram : ganyana2000
08 December 2019, 09:21
That would give incentive. Like any other business, if you get paid to be a bum, why try harder? tu2

Never mistake motion for action.
09 December 2019, 04:05
I am sitting here nice and snug in my fleece SEAHAWKS sweatshirt, and with my Oregon Ducks license plate holder on my Ram out back.
Trying to scrape up some sympathy, as the Cowboys are in my NFL top four.

I love dogs so much more than people.
10 December 2019, 19:38
I am sitting here dressed in Red hoping that LSU does not show up for the Peach Bowl.

Boomer Sooner!!!!

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11 December 2019, 06:05
I have always wondered why people still play all these silly ball games.

There is only one football game.

Popper football, played all around the world, not that silly version our American friends call "football"

Tennis should be left for women to play wearing very short skirts.

Never for men.

Cricket is so silly now the only countries playing it are the ones left over from the British Raj!

Rugby started off by idiots who could not make it in football - they were too thuggish to p[lay fair football!

Now it has become a game for over developed, physically, and under developed, mentally, nuts, as exemplified by the England team's snow flakes refusing to wear their second place World Cup medals!

But, ultimately, all these games sell beer!

And that is what they are good for. rotflmo
Instagram : ganyana2000
12 December 2019, 02:11
C'mon Saeed! Tennis is a great sport, that does not need expensive facilities, and just one other person!
Cricket has improved a lot since they started the one day matches.
I think you are e little hard on the English rugby players. As I understand it, TWO of them took off their second place medals. I can understand their disappointment as they are not used to playing at that level! They beat the All Blacks, but underperformed miserably in the finals.
As to games that don't sell beer, Table Tennis and Badminton come to mind. Both are world championship sports, and, also have quite a wide participation amongst the general population of most countries. I find that much more important than professional sports.
Sports are meant to be enjoyed by the participants.

Be without fear in the face of your enemies. Be brave and upright, that God may love thee. Speak the truth always, even if it leads to your death. Safeguard the helpless and do no wrong;
19 December 2019, 11:16
Hey Carpetman:
I'm gonna rain on your parade.
In the Army one of my buds had a
LOVELY sister that was a Cowboys
cheerleader he wanted me to meet her.

When I got out, I met their Dad in Austin
a few times. Then Momma and the doll came
to meet me in her short gold skirt.

While Momma was checking out my truck
this cutie and I shared a nice long kiss.

She shot me down because I didn't give a
damn about football.

Saeed: The best ball game I ever watched'
was on the naked beach W of Berlin. All the
gals playing were neked. Lucky guy with
a camera sat under the net while the chics
jumped right over top of him taking pics.

They drew a fair sized crowd of us other

Cheers guys,

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"It's about Control!!"
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George L. Dwight
19 December 2019, 20:43
georgeld--Beautiful girl that was into football. You should have been like the guy that a beautiful gal told him she had found that American Indians followed closely by Jewish men and redneck men were the best lovers. He told her btw my name is Tonto Goldstein but my friends call me Bubba.
23 December 2019, 10:15

Philadelphia Eagles player, Dallas Goedert all but singlehandedly beat Dallas Cowboys. Unfortunately for us Dallas Cowboys, we did not have a player named Philadelphia that was an answer.