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Manchurian Sika Hunt - Ukraine

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19 January 2021, 01:39
Manchurian Sika Hunt - Ukraine
Gents, i have a couple spots left this October for some of the best wild, free range Manchurian Sika hunting in the world.
This past season more of my clients took home fantastic trophies that would sit high in the record books, with one being a contender for the new SCI world record once its officially scored. Photos of this deer are in the first link at the bottom of this post. Its the one in the reeds near the bottom of the Album.

Program and Information

Pick up at Kiev Borispol or Kiev Zhulany Airport, drive approx 3 hrs to 5hrs, depending on the hunting area. The hunting areas are in central or Western part of Ukraine and nowhere near the problems in the East and are completely safe.
Accommodation will be in Cabin or house in hunting area.
Good Flight connections to Kiev are available thru Amsterdam, London and Istanbul. Also cheap flights with Wizz air from Hamburg, Cologne and Dortmund in Germany and London Luton.
American, Canadian and European Passport holders can enter Ukraine visa free. Australian can get visa on arrival. New Zealanders need to receive a visa before arrival.
Importing firearms is very difficult so I will supply a scoped Ruger American or Haenel Jaeger in 30-06.
References available if needed.
Hunters need to bring with them their Firearms and Hunting Licenses.

Hunting methods-
Hunting is carried out in different ways depending on the time of year. During the Rut (October) we drive/walk and listen for roars then hunt individual stags on foot, much like Red deer hunting. Hunting from horse and cart is also available in certain hunting areas. It is generally flat ground but quite noisy under foot due to the autumn leaves so this can still be a challenge. Later in the season and in the winter we will use Horse and cart or drive the tracks to locate a trophy and then hunt it or hunt from high seats etc. Season runs from 1st August to 31st January. Bring quiet water proof boots.

Cost of Hunt USD2000

Included –
-Rifle and Ammunition
-Accommodation and Meals (while in hunting area), car and guide
-4 full hunting days. Eg, arrive on the 1st, hunt 2,3,4,5 and leave on the 6th.
-Airport transfers
-English Speaking interpreter
-Processing of Trophy (skinning and salting Cape, boiling and cleaning cut skull for taxidermy)

Sika Trophy Fee USD $4500

Payments – Deposit $2000, the balance can be brought in Cash. Deposit can be wired to my Australian Account in AUD equivalent or my Ukrainian account in USD or Euro. Once Hunter agrees on terms I will send an Invoice with Bank Details.

Other costs
-If hunter wants or needs to stay longer its $250 p/d. (If time allows)
-Non Hunters - $150 p/d
-Hotels before or after hunt min. $50 p/d
-If any Trophy animal is wounded with blood found, the full trophy fee will be charged.
-If leaving hunting area early, meals and accommodation are not included.
-If you want to hunt Roe, Red Deer or Boar specifically after you shoot your Sika, the cost is $50 per outing. Red Deer are in different areas and Transfer will be $100.
- Tanning and drying Sika Cape for taxidermy $100 per cape
-Trophy packing $70 per address
- Full Skull (Euro Mount) cleaning and bleaching for export - $80
- Shipping of trophies

Additional Animals on Trophy Fee Basis – These would be opportunity type animals while hunting Sika OR hunted specifically after your Sika Trophy is taken

Roe Deer if still in Antler (usually until Nov)
To 400gr $600
To 500gr $700
Over 500gr $30 per 10gr to max $1200

Red Deer (Different area)
To 8kg $3500
To 9kg $4000
To 10kg $4500
11kg $5500 +150/100gr

Wild Boar
To 18cm $600 + $100/cm
20cm $800 + $150/cm

Please find pictures of past hunts here:

And Videos of Sika hunts here:

Hunt Ukraine
18 Tuluzy St
Kiev, Ukraine
Ph +380 963577806
26 January 2021, 03:30
Nice to see you on here! Looking forward to 10/22!

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In Natures Image Taxidermy
26 January 2021, 12:08
Hey Hugh, Fancy seeing you here Smiler
Haven't you seen my posts before?

Please find pictures of past hunts here:

And Videos of Sika hunts here:

Hunt Ukraine
18 Tuluzy St
Kiev, Ukraine
Ph +380 963577806
29 January 2021, 03:54
I haven't been on here too much lately. But Ill keep looking for them.

Pro Staff for:
In Natures Image Taxidermy