Spring Hunting and Fishing Package
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We cancelled all of the hunts last spring due to Covid so this season will be phenomenal. We are seeing great amounts of mature gobbles on the farm.

Hunt takes place in the low grounds of North Eastern NC, which is the most populated area of wild turkeys in state. Only mature gobblers will be harvested. While hunting you will observe all kinds of wildlife including waterfowl, bobcats, red wolves, red and grey foxes black bears, whitetails and eagles, etc. A few seasons ago we had an eagle drop down on a turkey that we had just shot. It almost got away with the bird. I will post video. Coyotes can be killed year round in North Carolina and they are plentiful. Very common to see while turkey hunting.

You will be fishing on the Roanoke River near Weldon, NC. This area of the Roanoke is known as the stripped bass capital of the world. Hundreds of thousands of fish come up from the ocean to spawn and the action is truly amazing. It is very common to catch over one hundred fish a day. Fishing Video

This is a guided hunt that takes place on thousands of acres of private land. Lodging is included with this trip. In order to decrease hunting pressure we only hunt three days per week. I have a dates available for a Friday, Saturday and Sunday or Saturday, Sunday and Monday package.

$700 per day for one person.
$500 per person for a group of two.
$400 per person for three or more.

This trip is provided by.

Roanoke River Waterfowl.
Outfitter is Captain Clark Purvis
PO Box 336
Hobgood, NC 27843
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Looks like opening day in Eastern NC will give you the opportunity to win $15,000 if your gobbler is big enough.
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PM sent.

Deo Vindice,


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Clark, i have couple guys amd myself that are showing some interest. What kind of date do you have?
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I hunted deer with Clark in October 2017 and had a great hunt, shooting a nice buck. In fact, the buck I shot was chasing a hot doe and they spooked an entire flock of turkeys out of a field directly in front of me. I saw turkeys at just about every deer stand I sat in, even though the stands were set up for deer and not turkeys. The cabin I stayed in was rustic but comfortable, and the food Clark provided was quite tasty- steak one night, BBQ and spicy Chicken. Clark also hunts in Africa, as do I, so we were able to swap a few tales. If I lived closer, I’d be all over this offer.

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