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March potential sale or trade

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28 October 2019, 16:01
Hunt Inter
March potential sale or trade
Long story cut short :-

March ( variety of dates) 2020, 1 hunter 3.5 days 4 nights in Greenland at my area for muskox, small game and ice fishing.

Will trade a hunt or sell for very reduced one off rate $3200-

Flights , hotels in Copenhagen, dip & pack and shipping not inc.

I was keeping this spot for one chap but he’s pulled out hence this advert.

References available, few members here can vouch who have been plus some more are visiting this spring also!

PO Box 43, Dorset, UK
00447470973853 whatsapp
28 October 2019, 17:51
Pm sent
30 October 2019, 13:56

Is the offer still valid? Do you have only one license left? How much do you charge for two observers on this hunt?

30 October 2019, 16:57
still these offers are available?