Special hunting package, 2010, Namibia
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This is a 6 hunting day plains game package in Namibia with Lindenhof Safaris.

The game farm is approximately two hours drive east of Windhoek. The farm is family owned and approximately 18,000 acres.

The hunt is 2 x 1 @ $4,500 each. Maximum hunters at one time is 4. Inclusive is: 1 trophy oryx, 1 trophy red hartebeest, 1 trophy warthog, 1 trophy springbok, 1 blue wildebeest. Transfers to and from airport to ranch, full board and lodging, beer, wine, and softdrinks, PH, trackers and skinners, and hunting permits.

Excluded: taxidermy work and gratuities as you may see deserving.

The game farm has impressive mature herds of premium antelope such as sable and waterbuck. A small herd of white rhino can be seen on the property but they are not hunted at this time. The property displays exceptional game management.

Geoff Hashimoto
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Ph. 808-255-5241

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This is a FANTASTIC DEAL by this particular outfitter...

I was very impressed by all the pics you took while there this past year as this owner manages his herds for exceptional trophy size game...

IMO his prices were at a premium in the past because it reflected the great trophy quality game he was noted for, but now I guess he's offering this deal because of the lack of hunters booking due to the economy!

Hmmm...maybe I gotta sell some rifles to fund this hunt!

Good on you guys for offering this and I would like to somehow take advantage of this offer!

We'll talk soon... thumb
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I've hunted three times with Geoff....not as a client but as a hunting partner. If Geoff says it's a good deal, rest assured it's a good deal. He's 'straight arrow' all the way.
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Thanks Ro and Matt,
I appreciate the kind comments. Yes, the owner Manfred Egerer is a good businessman. He realizes that the desire and need to hunt will always be there. However, the world economic situation makes bookings more difficult. He wants more American hunters and have thus made the package offering.

For the first time plains game hunter, or even the experienced hunter who just wants a nice relaxing hunt, this is the place and a good deal at that.


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