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Passenger locator form

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16 January 2021, 21:08
Passenger locator form
I was looking at different travel routes for travel and found that some countries require a traveler to have the passenger locator form filled out prior to entry. this is in addition to a covid test.

Some countries' immigration and health authorities require passengers to leave a health and travel history record. In those cases, IATA suggests the use of a card based on the Passenger Locator form and providing an additional section, the Health Declaration Card:

Download the suggested IATA passenger locator form:

English (pdf)
Spanish (pdf)

WHO, ICAO and IATA advocate the use of the same Passenger Locator form. See instructions from WHO and ICAO.


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21 January 2021, 04:13
Hunt Inter
When returning to the UK everyone has to fill out a locator form now.
£500 fine if caught arriving back without one