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An Art Poll

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28 March 2021, 05:22
Big Wonderful Wyoming
An Art Poll
I grew up with a lot of art on the wall. Some of it was good Frederik Remington and Charlie Russell, some of it was ok local pieces picked up off the Wind River Indian Reservation, and some of it was below average things painted by me in high school. <BR><BR>I have never understood the art world and don't claim to. <BR><BR>Years later I met a girl studying art in Spain. She was so full of herself and "drank the coolaid" on modern art. <BR><BR><a href="" target="_blank"></a> This mad me laugh.<BR><BR>Someone who I always enjoyed as an artist beyond that wildlife/western art of my youth was Norman Rockwell. He became moderately political after he married his 2nd wife. I enjoyed his WW2 era stuff, but am not into political art so anything later wasn't really for me. <BR><BR>What do you guys think?Do you like modern art?No!I don't careYes but as long as it is tastefulYes all if it even the crazyDo you like more realistic art, like wildlife, western and other genres?<BR><BR>Examples would be Vivi Crandle, Tim Cox, Charlie Russell and Frederik Remington. <BR><BR>There are also impressionistic versions of this.Nodon't careYes everythingYes but not impressionistic onesYes only impressionistic ones
28 March 2021, 09:49
I too grew up loving Charlie Russell's work. My first wife on her mothers side is related to some of the guys in a couple of his paintings. I'll always remember her mother pointing at "A bronc to breakfast" and naming everybody in it. Cool

They still ranch around Boseman and Maudlow.

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