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Nice hitch covers.

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23 June 2020, 03:44
Nice hitch covers.
John (Tucker65 here on AR) does nice work. Well worth a free plug.

Life itself is a gift. Live it up if you can.
23 June 2020, 04:16
They are definitely very nice. He finally broke down and made me 2 with the Marine Corps EGA on them. I display them proudly!

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23 June 2020, 22:17
Yep. Can't buy much these days for $75.00 especially in solid brass, stainless steel and welded aluminum.

Life itself is a gift. Live it up if you can.
23 June 2020, 22:25
Duane Wiebe (CG&R) "Custom Built Rifles"?
23 June 2020, 23:51
Use Enough Gun
I have a couple of them too, and they are very nice, but this really needs to be moved to the ARbay forum by the moderator. Might get more interest in purchases, having it there anyway. Big Grin
24 June 2020, 08:40
I bought one for my jeep a couple of years ago that is printed 6.5x54 M/S. The man makes a quality product. You won't be disappointed by his craftsmanship.

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25 June 2020, 00:29
I questioned that myself. But, thought custom rifle people here would show an interest because of the high quality components and craftsmanship in real metal. I own 2 of these and the subject matter on both had my customs and their caliber in mind.
I don't sell them so this post is inappropriate for the classifieds. Just helping a guy out like I would anyone else on AR that deserves the attention.
I'm fine if the moderators want to move it.

Originally posted by Duane Wiebe (CG&R): "Custom Built Rifles"?

Life itself is a gift. Live it up if you can.