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my cats

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26 May 2020, 03:01
my cats
26 May 2020, 09:58
Nice slideshow. I especially liked the one of the splay-legged kit under the beauty tray in the salon setting. Big Grin

Never mistake motion for action.
27 May 2020, 11:50
Loved the pics. My cat is 21 years old. She's been with me for 20 of those years. Acts like a dignified society matron, Hah.

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05 June 2020, 04:51
When they looked particularly dignified it seemed to me they were contemplating mayhem. My cat, normally called Myrtle, is also called House Wrecker and Ninja Cat. She does her Ninja training all over the house form 0700 to 0900 regularly. Misses few days. Be Well, Packy.
05 June 2020, 09:25
And Packy, correct me if I'm wrong but the rest of the day she spends bathing or sleeping or alterations between the two? Wink

Never mistake motion for action.