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Small Town cats in NE Texas

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12 April 2019, 19:26
Small Town cats in NE Texas
We have cats that stay in the shop for mouse control and they do almost as good a job as DCON. The cats are too smart to eat the DCON.

However, there are many free-lance cats in town that wander about, foraging as best they can.

Unfortunately for them, the neighborhood predators are quite efficient and the wild kitties tend to be short lived.
Cars, BB guns, large hawks, owls, coyotes, bobcats, and loose dogs are not too picky about the menu. Plus, the town pest control runs periodic cleanups to avoid total decimation of small birds.

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13 April 2019, 09:52
When I was still in the A.C. business we were always going on the roofs to service the pg. units on the square in Georgetown.There is a veritable cat community on all those roofs on the square.These are all flat roofs m/a parapet border. Many of the merchants/tenants use a large wooden pole attached to a box to pass cat food up to the roof out of their upper window + just hang the box on the parapet wall until the food is eaten.

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