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01 January 2016, 21:53
One of my cats figured out that when she wants to go out at night and I am sleeping to jump up on the bed & meow in my ear till I wake up.
She's done it 4X. Smiler

Cats have nine lives. Which makes them ideal for experimentation...
01 January 2016, 22:32
Cats are a lot smarter than most people believe.

The big deal is, most people have grown up believing that cats can't be trained and aren't intelligent, but they are, they just normally are not worked with in the way dogs are.

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02 January 2016, 10:47
Cats can be very intelligent, we have two Siamese that are way too smart for there own good.

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08 January 2016, 10:06
I had one once that when she wanted to go out she would leap up + hang by the doorknob. She had that association down.

Never mistake motion for action.
09 January 2016, 17:09
All three of mine jump up on the window sill when the want to go out or come in. I'm in a cabin with wood stove. Less heat is lost when just the window is open. I trained them to do that by tapping window.
In summer or when it's warm they scratch @ door.

PS. I also trained them & the 2 dogs to be friends along with a feral domesticated rabbit.
I'll try to get a pic with all of them together.

Kinda like Rodney King wished for "Can't we all just get along".

Cats have nine lives. Which makes them ideal for experimentation...
19 January 2016, 10:19
Kinda reminds me of one of Ben Franklin's words of wisdom. " If a cat lands on a hot stove,it will never land on a hot stove again,or a cold one." I keep that in mind constantly as a reminder about relationships both personal + business.

Never mistake motion for action.
20 January 2016, 03:33

Caption that goes with this pic:
Had to unplug the touch lamp to prevent this adorable bastard from turning it on whenever he was hungry at night.

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23 January 2016, 19:38
Mine doesn't turn on the light. She just runs over me then curls up on me and gives me a look. Like "What are YOU lookin at?" Somtimes it works. But she has gotten a flying lesson or two.