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Another cat picture

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09 September 2019, 07:55
Another cat picture

I gotta come back as a cat.
09 September 2019, 09:15
"Oh yes, all my joints swivel". Pulled out my Kipling last week + read the grandkids "The Cat Who Walks By Himself." A great reread, I recommend it highly.

Never mistake motion for action.
28 September 2019, 20:31
Need a like button. Nothing like a kitty ...


There is hope, even when your brain tells you there isn’t.
– John Green, author
10 November 2019, 23:37
I am trying to convince one to come out from under my porch and reside inside the house. First it wouldn't come out when I fed it. Then the kitten would poke out its nose and a few whiskers. Now I occasionally see more of it and it doesn't always run under the porch. I blink at it and talk a bit in soothing tones. Pretty good for a 23 year veteran of Corrections. I think Crazyhorse would approve. One day I will take it to the vet for worming, etc. Be Well, Packy.
11 November 2019, 06:43
I let three little ones in every morning for some canned food. Then its entertainment time; they chase the big cats and play with the toy mice.
06 December 2019, 03:22
Sounds like lots of fun. And it looks like my dog, Harry S. Truman is going to get a cat toy for Christmas. He is a play dog for sure. Anyone coming to the house gets a fierce bark. But to be invited in is to play with Harry. So the cat and the dog will get a new friend for Christmas. Be Well, Packy.