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Alberta Hunting Album

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15 January 2022, 21:00
Alberta Hunting Album
I posted this in the Photo & Video forum but not too much interest over there, so re-posting here where the hunters are.

The following pics are all from big game mainly in the Swan Hills area of west-central Alberta.
I apologize for the crappy-ness of pics, I was always a much better hunter than photographer.

In no particular chronological order, but dates when known.

Manyberries Ab, Bill B with my Antelope 1994?

Antelope from Manyberries area, SE Alberta. 2007.

My brother Jeff, on a Swan Hills moose hunt. Oct 1990.

< Brad, Jeff, Sheldon and Bob, with Brad's bull.

Jeff, Sheldon and Brad. 1990?

Goose Tower, NW of Swan Hills Ab., Sep 30 1992.

< Brad by trailer

'The Fighter'. Oct 7 1994. Shot at 15' as two big bulls were fighting right in front of me...

Brad, Jeff with P17 Enfield, older brother Bob and my Dad. Oct 5 1989. Hauling out Bob's moose.

Hauling out another bull moose. Oct 3 1989.

Dave, Bruce and Brad 1987. Moose racks L-R shot by me, middle Brad's bull and Dave's on the right.

Mule deer buck I shot. 1995?

Dave and I with our moose, Oct 1 1988.

Dave with his big bull, Oct 9 1986.

Moose camp shower...

Tag Alders and snow suck... Sep 21 1992.

Wall tent barrel stove

Nov 22 1996.

Whitetail buck, Anselmo Hall district SE of Whitecourt Ab. Oct 18 1998.

Whitetail Nov 8 1990.

Nov 28 1980, Swan Hills Ab.

< Dave with my buck.
Nov 19 1986, Swan Hills Whitetail.

Swan Hills moose camp, 1988? Before we wised up and got Wall Tents. My Dad.

Oct 1 1988.

Coutts R,. Swan Hills Ab, Oct 8 1986.

<Bruce and I with my bull.

Oct 4 1987.

Dave with his 1987 bull, absolutely ANCIENT monster bodied bull, rack is all messed up, he was in steep decline.
We were still setting up camp when it walked out right at camp...

Oct. 5 1998.

Sep 21 1992, me and Brad unloading ATV's to head to set up moose camp.

< Sheldon

< Rifle is a ZKK-602 in .416RM
Oct 2006 moose, Wallace Mtn area, Swan Hills Ab.

The infamous 'Newfie rack'. Shot in Swan Hills area by a Newfie hunter that said, "Ya can't eat the horns boy!" And he threw this in the bush.
Thankfully retrieved by a much smarter man...

Brother Jeff, Sept 1985.

Sep 1985.

"It was a big bull! Horns way out over his nose!" Brother Bob telling us about this bullwinkle, prior to actual recovery.

The Blizzard buck...

Dad, Sep 29 1989, Browning A-Bolt .30-06.

Oct 4 1994.

Brad Oct 4 1992, breaking camp.

Oct 5 1991, Brad's bull in the trailer.

Brad with the 'Pointblank Hip-Shot' bull, Oct 3 1996.

I shot this bull at approx 8' off the muzzle as it ran by me, just spun the rifle on my hip and fired into the point of his shoulder.

Windy L., mulie Nov 4 1995.

A couple of deer heads.

Nov 26 1981, Cythinia Ab.

Sep 23 1980 first bull moose, with German Shorthaired Pointer, 'Basil'.

Oct 1987 near the Coutts R., Swan Hills Ab.

Oct 5 1997 bow kill. Whitecourt Ab.

Triple drop-tine buck Nov 23 2017.

The Big 4x4 Nov 2018.

The Big 4x4 Nov 2019

The Big 4x4 Nov 23 2020.

Nov 18 2019.

2009 Whitetail. Brian's buck.

2009 Whitetail.

Nov 21 2007

Oct 1991.

< Sheldon

2009 moose.

Big grizzly... all grizzlies are big, haha.

Some moose racks...

2005 Whitetail.

Black bear June 4 2004.

May 21 2005, 6-1/2' Cinnamon phase black bear.

May 29 2010 black bear.

My little wife Darlene, out looking for spring bear.

A couple of huge moose racks I found...

Oct 2003.

2012 moose.

The trail out of camp, Oct 2012 moose hunt.

Jim Whaley


"Anyone who claims the 30-06 is ineffective has either not tried one, or is unwittingly commenting on their own marksmanship."
Phil Shoemaker
16 January 2022, 10:08
That was absolutely fun to scroll through literally decades of hunting memories and trophies. Loved the Bullwinkle one. I've hunted Alberta a handful of times and it's one of my favorite places to hunt.Hope to someday go again.Thanks for sharing.
Scott Hayman
17 January 2022, 19:20
Thanks for posting those pictures really enjoyed them. Some great animals and a lifetime of memories, doesn't get any better
17 January 2022, 19:47
I just love the whitetails! Thanks for posting.
18 January 2022, 02:19
Lots of young-looking guys in those photos :-)
18 January 2022, 03:59
I must say very honestly this is about as good as it gets in many aspects. From wild unfenced free range hunting to remote access, and a collection of fine memories. Those that have hunted around the world will most often agree there truly is nothing that compares to Canada
18 January 2022, 16:14
Nice assortment of game over a lifetime of hunting. Some great photos in there.
18 January 2022, 19:35
Great pics and some really nice animals!

Updated website, some nice guns for sale. Check it out.
19 January 2022, 08:18
This is what it is all about! Great photos.
22 January 2022, 17:34
Thanks for posting. Interesting to see the progression from the four wheelers to the side by sides. Great whitetails, do you ever weigh any of them? Being from Alabama, they are huge. The moose in the 2000's are much bigger than earlier years, did you change areas? That is REAL hunting.
22 January 2022, 21:43
Thanks for all the nice replies fellas.

@Bama15. Interesting that you should ask about the deer weights! I just bought a Crane Scale, that weighs up to 660 lbs, and I intend to try hanging my deer prior to gutting, to get actual on-the-hoof weights of them.

As to the deer, I only hunt the wilderness areas, don't hunt any farmland. So I shot these all over the Swan Hills and Whitecourt area, 1 buck is from down Drayton Valley area (near a little place called Cynthia, Alberta).

There were 3 main areas that we hunted moose: Wallace Mtn area, Goose Tower, and Windy Lake area. You won't find 'Windy L' on a map, that's the local name for a small lake NE of Swan Hills town.

We had some fun on those hunts...

Brother Jeff, myself, Dad and brother Bob.


"Anyone who claims the 30-06 is ineffective has either not tried one, or is unwittingly commenting on their own marksmanship."
Phil Shoemaker
22 January 2022, 21:51
It does look like a great time with hunting buddies.
22 January 2022, 22:10
I'll show ya my game hoist...

First I built a socket that inserts into the receiver hitch of my pickup (Ford F350).

It is tee shapped, with a 2-1/2" vertical piece that the leg of my hoist slides through, and the foot of the vertical piece just sits on the ground.
For taller critters, I can place a block under it to raise another foot or so.

The winch is worm gear drive, just fantastic in that it has crazy lifting capacity. And due to the worm gear, no matter where you stop cranking, the winch just holds right there. I've lifted ~700lb green logs, 13"dia by 9'long.

Heavy enough I couldn't raise one end of 'em, but that hoist just cranks them up.

I actually just did a mod on the hoist yesterday, which is the reason for these pics, as I sent them to bro' Jeff telling him about it.

I cut the vertical leg and inserted a 26" long piece of heavy wall 1-1/2" tubing and welded it in place.
Did the mod just to make handling the thing a bit easier, as it is 8' tall overall and a bit heavy to lift up into the receiver socket.

Modified the hoist yesterday (Jan 21-22)

I built this thing 8 or 10 years ago, it has handled a number of big bucks since then... in this pic you can see the teeth the gear works on...
I have 2 different sized gambrels for it.

My new Crane Hoist, supposed to be good up to 660lbs.

The Big 4x4 hanging on my diy game hoist. and in this pic you can see the receiver socket that it stands in.
Notice that in this pic I have a large block of wood under the leg, to allow this big deer to get hoisted higher.


"Anyone who claims the 30-06 is ineffective has either not tried one, or is unwittingly commenting on their own marksmanship."
Phil Shoemaker
23 January 2022, 01:39
Big Wonderful Wyoming

Last best place for a while.

I watch a guy and his wife on Youtube, they get quite a variety of wildlife through.
25 January 2022, 03:23
Brian Canada
Domonical, I enjoyed your posts. Thanks. I like your photo of the camp/tent with all the fire wood stacked up nicely. You must have been there a long time!
25 January 2022, 06:21
We used that camp on a number of hunts, spring and fall, and you can't have too much firewood!

Not really sure how many hunts we did out of that camp?


"Anyone who claims the 30-06 is ineffective has either not tried one, or is unwittingly commenting on their own marksmanship."
Phil Shoemaker
25 January 2022, 22:31
That was really neat!

Good friends, family, and hunting!

You are really blessed to have that area as your back yard!

Those deer are something impressive!
21 February 2022, 17:15
Bull Sprig
I don't know what else to say but AWESOME!


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