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Kootenay Elk

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02 December 2019, 02:45
Kootenay Elk
Did anyone hunt the Kootenay for elk in 2019 that can provide feedback? I would like to plan a rut hunt with my two nephews during 2020, however during my research I read that the southern Kootenay elk population has taken a huge hit over the last ten years and been reduced by almost 50%. All hunter and outfitter feedback appreciated.
02 December 2019, 04:38
Which outfitter are you planning on hunting with may help a bit to narrow down the area.
Yes numbers are down but some areas worse then others, sadly a few outfitting areas would not bother booking a elk hunt in for a while.
02 December 2019, 06:18
I haven't decided on an outfitter or even spoken with any at this point, but three I have looked at are Ram Creek, Baldy Mountain, and Rocky Mtn High. Has the northern peace region been hit hard as well?
03 December 2019, 02:38
don't no much on the peace region other then storys and they seem to be down as well.
The 3 you mention all seem to have a fairly good reputation but again sadly numbers will be down.
Have hunted in a few of there areas mainly RMHs area and it use to be good but is nothing compared to what it use to be.
Sorry for the bad news.
04 December 2019, 05:04
Alberta may have a couple areas that could be better, depending on what kind of bull your looking for.
05 December 2019, 05:17
Bill Leeper
In our area, 50% may be somewhat conservative. Population is down a lot. Regards, Bill.