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4.75" barrel for SIG 226 40 S&W

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29 July 2020, 23:52
4.75" barrel for SIG 226 40 S&W
Was looking for a little longer barrel on my 40 S&W Sig 226.Add 1/2"
Thought the easiest route would be just to acquire a threaded SIG factory barrel for a suppressor however it appears Sig makes them for their 9 MM but not the 40 S&W.
I do not care about the suppressor just the longer pipe.
Anyone know any sources?

07 August 2020, 08:40
DCS Member
try CDNN.

I meant to be DSC Member...bad typing skills.

Marcus Cady

08 August 2020, 08:00
Thank you: i continued my search and found Bar Sto will make one.

Originally posted by DCS Member:
try CDNN.

06 October 2020, 19:44
I'd stay away from BarSto barrels. They are manufactured to minimum SAAMI standards and can have serious feeding issues unless the chambers are opened slightly.