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Two nice Brit 375 21/2" NEs on GI

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22 June 2022, 12:10
Two nice Brit 375 21/2" NEs on GI
Hey Guys,
I just ran across both of the 375 21/2" NEs advertised by Pintos, in Renton, WA.I mentioned earlier, among others. I have handled both of these doubles and would be proud to have either one in my collection.
WW GREENER GI# 101917808

Both are honestly described and well priced.

Good Luck

22 June 2022, 21:01
mt Al
Very nice DRs. I haven't seen a screwed/bolted through sling attach before like on the C&H. Interesting scope bases as well.

A person can dream!
26 June 2022, 23:35
Originally posted by mt Al:
I haven't seen a screwed/bolted through sling attach before like on the C&H.

The C&H 475 No.2 they have has the same thing. Odd.
27 June 2022, 00:16
I will ask Chris about them?? It might be the doings of the late owner of all of these doubles offered? Chris is extremely knowledgeable about all things British...he was in Alaska last week attending a memorial service for a favorite cousin.


28 June 2022, 00:25
Here is the response regarding the forward sling stud fastening from Master Gunmaker Keith Thomas, north of London,and Purdey and Rigby apprenticed:

"Usually they are brazed or soldered onto the bottom rib. Some rifles didn’t have swivels fitted so when someone came along and decided the wanted them the easiest way is to pin and screw the swivel bases on, that way avoiding excess cost of stripping and relay the ribs, re-regulating and re-blacking.

The “cheaper” end double rifles are more common tho have it done."

There you have a professional opinion!!


28 June 2022, 03:20
mt Al

Thank you and never thought of avoiding stripping/relay/re-regulate and re-black. That would cost a bundle, plus the time delay, etc..

Personally, I wouldn't sneeze at a double with that type of sling swivel and would love to own either one that you listed, the C&H as my top choice in case God is listening and in a charitable mood.
28 June 2022, 03:46
I agree...
Don't hesitate to call Chris at Pinto's Guns in Renton, WA. 425-227-9280 Tuesday thru Saturday 10am-6pm PDT. Those guns have been around for a while, and he is negotiable!! This is an estate settlement, and he might have to check with the family ... but I would have either one in my collection!!
A high-profile hunter and double rifle fanatic, in our circles, already spied the MAHILLON 475 No.2 in this collection and scooped it up!! It might be in Africa right now chasing elephants??!!
Chris calls the C&H 475 No.2 "BUNDU BASHER"... a real brush buster in Swahili!!... real "working gun" excuses!!


28 June 2022, 16:40
I have a C&H .375 2 1/2" that I purchased from Thad Scott about 15 years ago. Identical to the one listed for sale but without the aftermarket ? scope bases. I never gave a moments thought about the barrel swivel stud attachment.

Deo Vindice,


Sons of Confederate Veterans Black Horse Camp #780
04 July 2022, 23:55
Sounds like a good deal for a collector..

As a hunter of DG, I would not want amd never felt the need for a sling. best to have it in hand, nor would I care for the caliber..I never used a sling for a bolt action or any gun in Africa after I missed a couple of opportunities..

Ray Atkinson
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