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Opinions Requested: Best Gun Safe?
one of us
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There are a handful of well made gun safes. Sportsman Steel, Vault Pro, and the higher end Fort Knox are a few. In January I received my Sportsman Steel Tactical American, configured as I wanted it. It’s 50x33x72 and weights 2150 lbs. Has a 3/16” steel body and two layers of concrete fireboard. It also has four relockers. It closes up tight and the gap around the door is very small. It would take a very long time to break into it, and it will protect what’s inside from fire for at least two hours.
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one of us
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All this talk of gun safes has had me thinking. Everyone worries about fire protection, which is real concern, but with all the flooding in Texas does anyone make a safe that is considered water proof? That surely would be a plus. There are a lot of places in the country where floods are a much bigger concern than fire. A safe that would stay water tight to a depth of 5' or so for a few days might not be a bad thing?
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