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Gulf of Mexico

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28 September 2010, 23:55
Gulf of Mexico
Have not been able to get south lately. I am wondering how the gulf and all of its bays have faired with the oil. Has anbody been in the Gulf and looked around much???Did the oil hurt the wildlife and fish in the Gulf of Mexico significanty???Yes!!! My story is below.Noooo! I was at ___________(listed below). All fine.

J. Lane Easter, DVM

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29 September 2010, 02:10
the ocean sounds were a nice touch.

Dan Donarski
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13 February 2011, 08:46
every thing seems to be not so bad right now. the oyster fisherman seem to have taken the biggest hit.those little guys can't swim away. the tell tail will be the next couple years with the fish hathery, and if we get a storm to churn the waters and find the missing oil.