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Going to a place I've never been before, and it's not like there are books or websites devoted to this, so I'm counting on my AR colleagues to help me out.

Does anyone have advice on fishing for tiger fish on Lake Massingir in Mozambique? The timeframe will be early July. Tips on tackle and technique, and location, will be greatly appreciated.

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Are you booking a dedicated fishing trip or tacking a couple of days onto an existing trip?

If it is a dedicated trip then your outfitter should be the best person to give you specifics as to fishing styles and tackle required as it can vary greatly.

If you are on the fly I would suggest a good pair of fast action #7 & #9 in nine and a half foot with an intermediate line and lots of wire leaders!! something like the 4pc Sage TCR's or an old XP will do what you need of it. Drag on a fly reel is always important so for cost to quality I use a range of Orvis reels right through to #12 for Tuna and they are great. If you have a good Salmon reel to match those rods then you should be fine.

My head guide is in Russia at the moment hosting for a week but when he gets back I will ask him about specific fly patterns.

We are planning some tiger fishing exploratory trips in the next year or so at new venues in the Delta and in Moz so would be interested in how you get on.

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