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American flights to Manaus

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30 April 2020, 03:33
Steve Ahrenberg
American flights to Manaus
I just found out that American has cancelled all flights in/out of Manaus, Brazil. First scheduled flights are September 30th.

This cancels my first trip there this year. I am not sure about American's policy towards other Brazil locations. Manaus is effectively the jumping off point for all Brazil fishing.

Tight Lines...

Formerly "Nganga"
30 April 2020, 07:29
Pretty sure you can forget AA to Brazil until at least late fall at the earliest.Acute Angling is out of business for the foreseeable future. CRYBABY
01 May 2020, 01:46
Steve Ahrenberg

Hope you and your wonderful lady are doing well.

My July trip isn't with Acute. I found a French guy who fishes the Trombetas River. Wayne Grant from Zim knows him, he used to run dogs for Leopards in Zim.

It has all the same species and more. There are HUGE Jau, and lots of Bicuda. Both are found on the Jatapu but are very very seldom caught. In fact, with as many trips as Ralph and I have done, we have one Jau between us. Ralph caught it.

He has 60K of exclusive river to fish. Acute typically only fishes about 12 miles. The river is much wider also.

LOTS less money as well.


Formerly "Nganga"
27 May 2020, 05:52
Steve, I was going to book a trip with a acute for my son and I. Until this Covid thing hit us. You had highly recommended them. Who is the new outfitter you are working with?

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27 May 2020, 20:13
Steve Ahrenberg
Hi Shoulderman.

Acute is still a fine outfitter whom has a flawlessly executed operation. My reasons for searching out new waters was due to, in my opinion, The over-fishing of one of his resource rivers.

I consider Paul, a friend and will continue to fish with him. So its not like that.

I go on these trips to fish for the Amazons true giants. My main species are; Piraiba, Redtail and Jau catfish.

On the Travesao river that Acute fishes, our average Piraiba was 180-200 pounds. That average has gone down to perhaps 120-130 pounds. the redtail fishing is still "decent". Jau, are a rare find on this river.

The Peacocks; the size and quantity has also gone down. Acute fishes 8 anglers, every week for 14-16 weeks, IIRC. Thats the same 12-14 miles of river, the same fish getting caught over and over all season.

The outfitter I am looking at fishes 60 kilometers of a much larger river chain. It boasts all the same species as does the Travesao yet has a catchable population of Jau.

The river is called the Trombetas. I cannot recommend it as yet because I have not fished it. Our July trip is obviously postponed.

All that said, Acute IS a quality operator, His rivers produce. I'm picky as hell as to where I spend my precious days afield.

As a matter of fact our July trip is considered "off season". This time of year (high water) is premium time for Giant catfish high catch numbers. I've been to these rivers so many times that I know what I want. I want 250 pound Piraiba, 100 pound Redtails and 120 pound Jau.

Formerly "Nganga"
16 July 2020, 21:30
Steve , Were you able to Reschedule your trip ? looking forward to the details ,!!
07 August 2020, 19:01
Steve Ahrenberg
Originally posted by Penetrater:
Steve , Were you able to Reschedule your trip ? looking forward to the details ,!!

The outfitter is super-chill as to re-scheduling. As I stated, we are going in what is considered "off season". July is super early and the water is still high. It is premium catfish time. I have Zero interest in burning water for Peacocks all day anyway.

The group we've assembled are all guys that have met on the river and our interests are all the same; Piraiba, Redtals and Jau catfish...period.

The un-explainable strength of these fish is an addicting experience. A 200# Piraiba will rip off 100 yards of line in its initial run in seconds. All three species have very distinctive characteristics in their fight that make is so addictive.

We will go back July 2021.

Formerly "Nganga"