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Winter's tough in Fla this year.

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25 January 2004, 15:41
Winter's tough in Fla this year.
Went out and got sunburned, too windy so I got wet, bit o' chill in the air, probably caught a cold. Humidity was low so my skin is dry and sinuses stuffed up. Took 2 hours to clean the friggin grouper, snapper and kings, gotta spend all day with the smoker tomorrow since the kings are getting brined at the moment. My wife was thoughtful and broiled a grouper fillet with some veggies and a baked potato, fixed me a Geo. Dickle and ginger after I showered, and coffee after dinner. Burp! Been a real hard winter down here boys.
26 January 2004, 20:27
Well,at least you got the gator olympics to look forward to. derf