5MB IBM Hard Drive in 1956

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Seagate can't follow their own instructions
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I had to return a Seagate 500Gb hard drive. It had 7200.11 on the original, which was a thick and heavy item. I got back one with 7200.12 on it, which was a thin and lightweight item. My computer guru tells me what I got back is a piece of junk. I'd send it back and get what I originally had, but dealing with them without having a fistful of numbers and the patience of Job is most likely a waste of time. In future, I will buy only Western Digital. I've never had a problem with a WD. I post this for your benefit. Take it or leave it...
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The Seagate 7200.11 HDD';s have an evil reputation.

The 7200.12 might actually be better.

Frankly I don't trust ANY Seagate Drive made in CHINA for other than "static " (powered down) backup use
and I generally only buy WD HDD's New.


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