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Amazon Prime, $67, ends at Midnight

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26 September 2015, 05:03
Amazon Prime, $67, ends at Midnight
It seems that Amazon is having a special on their Prime service today only and ends at midnight (not sure what timezone that is though.)
28 September 2015, 01:27
I just usually come up with $35 of junk to buy, what is the advantage of Prime for someone who only spends a few hundred a year on amazon?

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24 May 2016, 23:55
Bob Nisbet
I tried PRIME.
In the 2 months I had it, all of the itms I purchase were not eligible for the PRIME shipping, so it was of no value to me and I cancelled it.
If you look at the Amazon items you are interested in, they usually say whether the item is eligible under PRIME.

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02 June 2016, 08:28
kk alaska
Great way to beat cost of shipping but a lot do not ship to Alaska

kk alaska