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lot of smoke around the neck

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13 March 2003, 14:56
lot of smoke around the neck
what am I doing wrong?? both my 3006 imp and 280 imp (ackley) cases get smoked badly on the neck (outside) after shooting them
13 March 2003, 15:00

That's almost always a sign of too low pressure. If the load isn't hot enough to obturate the brass against the chamber walls the normal gas seal is lost and gas flows back against the neck.
13 March 2003, 15:14
Or possibly the necks have work-hardened from too many reloads and need to be annealed.
13 March 2003, 17:27
I have been cleaning necks with "Nevr Dull". It's a cotton wadding with some chemical in it packed in a can. I see it for sale in WalMart.

It's easier to clean the necks as I don't shoot a lot of rounds for each rifle. That way I get it over with, don't loose lot control and avoid the case vibrator.