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Air pistol choice??? (QUIET!)

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23 May 2020, 01:49
Matt Norman
Air pistol choice??? (QUIET!)
I have a starling problem (at the bird feeder). I've been attempting to thwarth them as many ways as I can but the time as come for taking them out. Noise limiting is a huge factor as I live in a subdivision with small yards (I do have a big privacy fence). My 'hide' is going to be a small laundry room where OAL is a problem, hence the pistol.

The range is going to be 12 feet (downward) so I don't need lots of power. Only ground shots will be taken and I'll have a piece of plywood behind the kill zone to deal with any wayward pellets that bounce off the ground (after going through the target) towards the fence. I'm thinking of a Crosman 1377 and mounting a red-dot on it sighted in for the specific distance. Two or three pumps will be all I need and will help keep the noise down. I have legal suppressors too, so I might get a 1/2x28 adapter for it, or perhaps use one of the air moderators out there. Will probably use a tripod as I want to make every shot count.

Don't want to spend a whole lot more as this is a specific application I'm going to do with it.

23 May 2020, 16:13
Get any of the match air pistols with a cylinder.

Very quiet, and absolutely accurate.

I have several here from different makes, all shoot extremely well.

Get match pellets for it.

The kids use them to shoot 22 cases!
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23 May 2020, 18:49
I had a friend with one of those pistols when I was a kid, it seemed like a nice gun at the time but we always put 10 pumps in it which made an audible noise, but a couple pumps would be pretty quiet.

As Saeed mentions, the newer PCP match pistols are quiet and a real pleasure to shoot but in a separate price range. My match pistol is an older (though I bought it new LOL) spring piston gun and it's definitely quite audible so I'd say away from those for this purpose.

Also, I'd use an astroturf floor mat on the ground instead of plywood if the purpose is to keep all your used pellets collected.

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27 May 2020, 05:50
I have one of the Crossman's. Very accurate. Pretty quiet with 2 pumps. Still has decent velocity. I really like it and recommend it.
07 June 2020, 18:35
Here is just one Youtube on a DIY airgun suppressor.

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17 June 2020, 14:23
I've got a 1377 and use lead BBs, easier to load than pellets which often tip over when dropping into the breach. The lead BBs penetrate more than pellets and are very accurate. Even use the pistol inside with 1 or two pumps to dispatch a PAC or tuskless mouse that is hiding under a set of drawers or refrigerator. Got a few trophies for the wall this way Big Grin
25 June 2020, 18:09
I have an older RWS 10M. No recoil and precise. Fun to shoot in the basement and the wife doesn't ask " Honey, were you shooting a canon down there?" That happens when shooting rimfire into the trap. Be Well, Packy.
29 June 2020, 08:14
Matt Norman
I got the 1377. Three pumps @ 12 feet = dead starling. My blind is the laundry room, two feet back from the window. Using a tripod. Starlings apprarently got the message as I haven't seen any recently.

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03 July 2020, 01:26
Bordertown Devil
Have you given any consideration to the Benjamin Marauder pistol? It’s small, accurate, quiet, and comes with a carbine stock you can add to it. The Crossman 1720T is the .177 version of the same in a field target configuration.
03 July 2020, 01:27
Bordertown Devil
My bad, Matt. I replied prior to seeing you’d already got the Crosman. Happy hunting!
04 July 2020, 05:53
Get three and have fun with all of them. My Diana Bandit came today and I couldn't see the front sight. I got the whiteout and painted the top one third of the front sight post and that made it clear enough. Good luck with your Pistol. They are fun and addictive. The bandit was real quiet for a PCP. It was only $179 with free freight. Going to be some dead Starlings in the compost I would guess. I suppose they burrow down and can't find their way out. Be well, Packy.
27 July 2020, 15:43
I have 2 1377's now, one iron sighted setup and one with a 2X Crosman pistol scope with an aftermarket Stoney Point target turret that I've shot out to 80 yds. with at "stuff".

Whatever you do do the trigger adjustment by depressing the spring and reinserting and trying it till you get down to about 16 ozs. or so. So simple and helps tremendously. Don't forget to install a spent 22 case in the top too. Both of mine are down to about 18 ozs. now.

04 August 2020, 07:28
Took 2 weeks for the starlings to learn that there were better places to find a meal.
Being open country birds the were marginal here in the woods anyway and smarter than others also.

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