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Powder Solvents

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15 February 2008, 05:47
Powder Solvents
It seems like Hoppe's has been around for ever. In the last 50 years many solvents have come and gone. Which of today's solvents do you think will still be here 20 years from now?
15 February 2008, 16:25
Gary Surko

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15 February 2008, 21:19
Not a clue; too busy trying to catch that damn bug on my screen!

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16 March 2008, 06:10
I really like Shooters Choice.I once bought a couple of gallons of Pro-Shot solvent and I never used it because of the strong smell.I was offered to have it at half price.I still have it after a few years and still use SC instead.I once tried Butches,but I find it leaves the bore to dry.