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Cleaning a Camp Carbine

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10 March 2009, 22:01
Cliff Lyle
Cleaning a Camp Carbine
Okay guys, I have a Camp 45 and it appears that one must completely disassemble the darn thing in order to get at the crud that builds up in the receiver and breech.
Does anyone know how to disassemble one?
22 March 2009, 09:02
N E 450 No2
Cliff, on guns that I do not want to take apart, or do not have time to take apart I give them a "spray clean and spray lube".

If the gun has a wood stock I am careful not to get any "stuff" on the stock.

first I use something like Birchwood Casey Gun Scrubber. Then after it dries I use the Hornady Spray/lube that leaves a dry lube behind.

Then I apply what ever regular lubricant I use.

You can use the Hornady product by itself if the gun is not to gunked up.