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Foaming bore cleaning in a gas operated rifle

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19 December 2008, 06:51
Foaming bore cleaning in a gas operated rifle
I have a new upper for my AR (A2 style from Bushmaster), and a friend of mine asked a good question.

Can you use a foaming bore cleaner in a gas gun like an AR? My concern in not being able to get all the cleaner out of the gas tube.
19 December 2008, 16:53
A little bit of foam in the gas tube won't hurt anything.

A blast of air-in-a-can into the gas tube from the receiver end will clear out the foam.
21 December 2008, 08:32
The gas holes are on the top or the bottom of the barrel in a semi auto.

If I put copper solvent in a semi auto, I have the hole pointed up, so gravity helps me keep from loosing my solvent down the gas hole.
21 December 2008, 19:48
No problem in a direct gas impingement gun-just dry it out. Not sure about piston guns.

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