A Cleaning Observation
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For a while I've been cleaning my rifles with Birchwood Casey Bore Solvent followed by Tetra Bore Lubricant. Also tried Birchwood Casey Bore Scrubber followed by Tetra Bore Lubricant. It usually takes 6-7 patches and the last patch still does not come out clean.
Yesterday, after a visit to the range, I used Tetra Copper Solvent. The fourth patch came out CLEAN.
Cleaning regime is:
a) Patch soaked with solvent.
b) Nylon brush with solvent.
c) Patch out.
d) Mop soaked in Tetra Bore Lube for 10 strokes.
e) New clean patch, 20 strokes.
f) Final clean patch.

Any comments?
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Sounds like the Tetra copper solvent is more powerful at removing fouling.

I have not tried either solvent but my experience is that what ever solvent I am using (I have a bunch of them) leaving them in the bore for some time seems to be the key in getting the copper out.

For example when I clean my rifle I leave the solvent (Butches, Shooter Choice, Bench Rest) in the bore 24 hrs and the next day push a dry patch through.
I am always rewarded with a dirty copper and carbon fouled patch.
I swab the bore with solvent till they come out clean again (2-3 patches) notice how few patch were required till they showed clean again.

Then I put the rifle away and repeat the process again in 24 hrs.
Again the first patch will again come out with fouling stains on it and again only 2-3 patches will get it all out.
In another 24 hrs a new patch will show more fouling has been dissolved by the solvent I left in the bore the day before.

It seems like trying to clean out all the copper and carbon was a never ending process using the above solvent alone method.

Then I tried "JB non-embedding bore cleaning compound". I smear JB on a patch with popcycle stick then wrap that patch around a bronze brush then pump this patch though the bore.
I finish with the finer JB Bore Bright" and swab out with solvent to get out the JB.
I still come back in 24 hrs to dry patch out the residual solvent I left in the day before. It very rare to see any residual fouling removed by the solvent.
If their is no fouling in the day after patch I oil the bore and call in cleaned.

I also use a foaming bore cleaner now (Gunslick. Wipeout is not available) prior to swabbing with JB. It does seem to cut down the time spent with the JB.

I also just push the brush one way down the bore and out. Then unscrew the brush from the rod and with draw the rod and reinstall the brush.

Note: Pulling the brush back through the bore caused the bluing around the edge of the bore to be removed or polished off. I don't know if that will affect accuracy so don't back pull the brush anymore.
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Thanks for your thoughts Greenjoy.

Hope the new year bringsyou health and happiness AND ABOVE ALL . . . . GOOD SHOOTIN'
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unds like the Tetra copper solvent is more powerful at removing fouling.

Did anyone tried KG-12 copper remover from KG industries ?
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You may be getting Most of the copper out but the layered copper and carbon is still in the bore esp the ring that is developing. To remove that try Iosso and then the tube will be clean down to the metal.
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