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17 April 2020, 15:21
300 win
Has anybody used a product called Ballistoil for your firearms and if so what your verdict.
17 April 2020, 22:24
I use it a lot because it is safe on wood stocks. One still would not want to soak a wood stock in Ballistoil and let set.

It will, for lack of a better word, congeal, but breaks back down when you wipe it. I could see it gumming up inside a revolver if one was too heavy or did not wipe off excess.

It was too light to use on the rails of my Dan Wesson 1911, but the less tight Ruger 1911 likes it.

It will discolor leather.

You can buy the rope single packets to stick in the travel case when hunting overseas or across the state.
18 April 2020, 02:16
300 win
Thank you LHeym500 for your input
18 April 2020, 04:15
p dog shooter
I used two pints of it up as a rust preventive
worked well for that I didn't use as a lube in the action
09 December 2020, 08:23
My experience is the same as P Dog. I've used it for years as a rust preventative, but have selected other products for lubricants. Not that it wouldn't work, I just didn't try it.
20 May 2021, 20:41
I don't know how to compare all the different gun cleaning, protection, et. stuff out there, and have been trying for 70 plus years I guess, still seems to me one is as good as the other, short of obvious failures..and opinnions are a dime a dozen on the blogs, one hates WD-40 and another has used it and liked it for eons..Ive used BAllistoil, and WD-40, both worked as far as I could tell, as did a hundred or more others Ive tried, which one was best, I have no idea..

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